There Are Souls Waiting For You

Church Planting – Community Outreach – Children Development Center


Our Mission

We exist to understand and experience how the true Gospel transforms and molds all areas of life, producing passion to communicate the Glory of Christ to all nations.

You can join us in spreading the Gospel to the the needy people of Ambalema, Colombia.

Come and witness hearts transformed and leave with your own heart changed

The project

The people of Ambalema, Colombia need Jesus. Right now volunteers travel to the small town on the Magdalena River once a month to share the Good News of the Gospel. The goal is to reach as many as possible by having a church building, a ministry for community outreach and a children development center. In order to reach this goal, we need your help with the construction of four missionary cabins, a church building and a small home for the missionary/pastor and his family.

Ministry Projects

Religious Confusion

It is a very secular community. There are many false religions and false beliefs along with the practice of witchcraft.


More and more young people are turning to drugs in order to face the challenges of life.


There is prostitution, premarital sex, infidelity, etc. as a result of the absence of God.

Broken Families

The nucleus of the home is absent resulting in teenage pregnancies, single moms and abuse in the home.


There is a high number of high school dropouts. There are challenges in teaching the Bible because many adults cannot read.


The majority of the employment opportunities are manual labor and farming which result in few possibilities for women to work. Regardless of the job, the wages are inadequate to support a family.

But We Desperately Need Your Help to Build…

$60,000 is needed to The Project

Their hearts were changed

Eder, Claudia, Sebastian, Martha and Jose Luis make up the team of volunteers traveling every month to Ambalema building relationships, presenting christian movies and sharing the good news of Salvation.

The goal is that by the spring of 2019 missionaries will begin living in Ambalema. Your prayers, support and partnership are very important to start the building project in order to realize the ministry projects.

Would you like to know more?

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